Why Real Estate Agents NEED to have Property Videos

Video is without a question the most effective tool a real estate agents can use in their marketing strategies to generate more leads and increase sales. Video used to be a luxury, but now it is becoming the most important tool of successful real estate agents. Though videos have a lot of benefits – here are four main ones which should convince any real estate agency to jump on the wagon and start utilizing the power of real estate videos.

1. Trust

You will certainly agree that Real Estate is all about trust. Helping clients to buy or rent house involves gaining their trust and showing one’s integrity. Videos can be used not only to portray the property listings but also the agent’s skill set and accomplishments. Thus building the trust of potential buyers.

2. Better advertising

Videos are much better advertising for your real estate listings than pictures and texts. Your customers will most certainly not read long articles or browse through dozens of photos – video can show off all of the amenities and features of the house in a very easy way.

3. More activity

Real Estate Agencies which are using video listings on their social media get a 400% increase in inquiries than those without.

4. More information

It is quite clear that real estate videos can provide tons of information in a very concise way. Customers can see room size, location, floor plan and other features of the property without having to do a lot of research on their end. It also make sense to create a teaser video to really entice customers and see the benefits of it.


Real Estate Video Listings are very powerful and I could go on and on about why Real Estate Agencies should not overlook clear benefits of videos. Videos getting more and more important and I hope that this short article highlighted at least few real benefits. 

If you would like to discuss how to leverage a video for your Real Estate Agency – just get in touch with us.