About M21

Matthew has been creating professional video content for over 10 years for many different businesses and projects. Matthew understands the difference between just filming a video and making content that will acclerate businesses to the next level.

How it began…
Matthew first began creating content over 10 years ago for a YouTube channel called ‘Totally Photography’ where he would create videos about technology products such as iPhones, iPads, Computers and unbox the products as well as post reviews about them. Within a year, Matthew had over 2,000,000 viewers on his channel.

Pushing the bar higher…
Matthew worked as a Marketing Director for a local SA company for over 7 years before branching out on his own under ‘Matthew Norris Visual Productions’ where he quickly became a well known Videographer and content creator in Adelaide, as well as working for a couple of beauty and building developer brands in Melbourne.

Experience that counts…
Matthew has also run for Mayor for the City Of Salisbury and ran his campaign for office totally on social media. His total campaign spend was $1,000 and he managed to receive over 4,000 votes – meanwhile the Mayor who was re-elected was rumoured to spend over 50 times that budget and recived 11,500 votes.

Matthew has also been the host of a very popular video series ‘Around The Port with Matt Norris’ where he features local businesses in and around Port Adelaide and Semaphore. In just 6 months Matthew has become a ‘recognised brand’ in the area and has approximatley 10,000 viewers per week tuning into the weekly episodes.

Real about Real Estate…
One of Matthews favourite productions is Real Estate Videos. Matthew has produced over 150+ Real estate videos for agents across South Australia – and counting! From your standard 3 bedroom house in the suburbs to a $2,500,000 farm out at Burra and a $1,650,000 Mansion at Waterfall Gully, Matthew has filmed them all!



M21 Studios

M21 Studios is a small videography company based in Adelaide, South Australia.


M21 specialise in creating all types of video content for all types of businesses and industries.


We have worked with some of the most recognised brands throughout South Australia and continue to expand the brands of these companies.

Brands I have worked with..